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Sofa А75Sofa А75Sofa А75
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Sofa А41Sofa А41Sofa А41
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Sofa A15Sofa A15Sofa A15
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Sofa GarudaSofa GarudaSofa Garuda
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Sofa ChesterSofa ChesterSofa Chester
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Sofa GeorgSofa GeorgSofa Georg
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Any modern office should provide a good working environment for the employees and friendly space for business partners and visitors. Office sofas are essential to assure comfort that any respectable company office should offer. Here are some tips to buy an office sofa or couch to ensure inviting atmosphere and maintain corporate culture. Delavega design and manufacturing company offers a wide range of in-stock and custom-made designer office sofas and couches, so you will easily find a perfect fit for your office environment.

Collection of office sofas and couches by Delavega design and manufacturing company

Delavega upholstered furniture design and manufacturing company makes upholstered furniture for offices in any colour and shape. We customise upholstery fabric for each model to make it fit your décor perfectly. With the well-matched fabric, such sofa will look perfect in your office.

All Delavega office sofas and couches are made using high-end materials from Europe’s leading manufacturers. With our great choice of furnishing and an individual approach to each client, we can help you find a piece for any interior. Delavega office sofa directly from the manufacturer will be a highlight of your workplace. We will help implement any of your ideas and add a unique style and status to your office.

Your office furnishing creates the first impression of the company in general. Therefore, make sure it looks respectable and comfortable. A designer office sofa will create an environment favourable for work, meetings or business engagements. Your meetings will have a comfortable setting and be a success.

If you want to order an office sofa in our online store, delivery included, check out their basic types:

  • Straight line office sofas and couches are the time-honoured classics. They fit any space regardless of its interior design.
  • Corner sofas save office space by filling empty corners and can accommodate everyone.
  • Semi-circle office sofa is shaped like a curved arch. This creative choice for the office environment will help you zone the space.
  • Modular office couches are versatile convertible furniture. By rearranging its parts, you can use it for different purposes and change the overall room layout. These designs can be converted without great effort while still matching the décor.

How to order an office sofa or couch?

Reception, meeting room or director’s office - each of these spaces needs a cushioned sofa of appropriate style, dimensions and design. This will ensure the uniform look and integrity of the interior design. The style of upholstered furniture should be welcoming, emphasising the company’s stability and prosperity. If your office is furnished premium class designer pieces, you colleagues and business partners will surely note and appreciate that.

To order online a sofa for your office to match its interior design, consider the style and basic features of your office décor. Choose your office furniture to reflect your company’s status, corporate identity, available space and the interior of individual rooms.

Office sofa can serve to accommodate visitors or, where necessary, fill the office space. Deciding on an office sofa, which you can buy from our online store, delivery included, there are few important things to consider:

  • Furniture materials;
  • Structural features;
  • Design and ergonomics.

When choosing a sofa for your office, first look at what upholstery material is used. Leather furniture that strikes a balance between luxury and moderation of a business style are very popular. A leather office sofa will emphasise the company’s status and the good taste of its owner, while also serving to ensure comfort for its customers and employees for many years.

A designer office sofa or couch can also come in upholstery fabric. We use durable fine fabrics that will add a dash of home comfort and cosiness to the office environment. An upholstered office sofa will work best for common areas as a comfy place for clients and visitors to sit on.
As to the type of frame, consider the specifics of the room. Straight line office couches or ottomans are best suited for a small office to avoid cluttering of the space. Corner couches designed for both small and spacious rooms are equally popular.

Company’s reception with stylish décor can have two-seater office couches that will serve as a perfect alternative for regular chairs. Armchairs for clients in the waiting area can be replaced with a comfy couch without wide armrests to emphasise VIP corporate style.

Office sofas and couches online in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine and pay by instalments

If you want to buy upholstered furniture for your office online, Delavega design and manufacturing company offers a wide range of designs. You can always buy a custom-made sofa for your office in any colour and fabrics. We also offer express manufacture of office furniture (at least 3 working days).

With a premium designer sofa, your office will become a comfortable and welcoming place for your company’s employees and visitors. In Delavega online store, you will find numerous versatile designs as well as a vast variety of fabrics and colours. Upscale two-seater sofas and couches with various conversion mechanisms are designed for classy offices. All of our designer office sofas and couches are available for purchase from our online upholstered furniture store or in Delavega premium furniture show rooms in many Ukrainian cities.

An office sofa, which you can buy in Kyiv at a favourable price, comes with a 10-year warranty. We use top-quality materials to manufacture our furniture: sanded waterproof plywood, beech timber and other high quality materials that guarantee durability and long life of your Delavega pieces.
Delavega upholstered furniture is made in Ukraine. We provide free furniture delivery and assembly in Kyiv, as well as countrywide at the carrier’s rates.