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Sofa A29

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Sofa A29
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from 35 700 грн.*

*cost in standard size and production time 3 months

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42 000 грн.
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In the manufacture of the frame used exclusively waterproof ground plywood 18 mm and beech timber.
All structural elements of the structure are bolted to each other.
In the manufacture of the frame used exclusively waterproof ground plywood 18 mm and beech timber.
All structural elements of the structure are bolted to each other.
Top pillow filler
Back cushions usually have 4 cameras, as well as an additional front camera with goose down and two outer layers of teak. At the request of the customer, the quill pen can be replaced with a synthetic composition.
Transformation mechanisms
We use 2 types of transformation mechanisms for sofas: SEDAFLEX and guest mechanism. IMPORTANT: When buying, please check with the manager what type of mechanism may be installed in this model of sofa.
Lower pillow filler
For seat cushions we use highly elastic Foam polyurethane of several degrees of softness at the request of the customer. The pillow has a case of napernikovogo down-holding tick with a layer of goose feathers and a double outer layer of tick.
Product assemblies are interconnected by bolts. The spring is used snake and German fastening tape OKE. The soft parts of the frame are polyurethane El. Lining with a density of 200 mg/m2. Fasteners of the Norwegian company ESSVE.
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