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Buy Delavega upholstered furniture in instalments

In connection with the banking restrictions on the quarantine period the service is temporarily not available!

Buy now, pay later. No need to put off buying high-quality designer premium-class furniture just because you are currently on a tight budget. Buy upholstered furniture (couch, bed or chair) at Delavega now and pay for it in instalments.

Delavega upholstered furniture design and manufacturing company supports PrivatBank’s Payment by Instalment service, which you can use to buy upholstered furniture today and pay for it in three monthly instalments. At Delavega, you can always buy beds, couches and armchairs in instalments without interest.

How to arrange an installment plan for upholstered furniture in Delavega:

Choose the product you like and ask to pay for it using Payment by Instalment service at or in the Delavega showroom at 17 Kovpaka Street, Kyiv, having previously agreed your visit with our manager by calling at +38 (050) 141 6587

Please note that Delavega furniture store allows up to 3 monthly instalments. If this service is requested, discount terms and conditions may change depending on the time frames for manufacture of the furniture, up to 25% if furniture is manufactured within three months.

IMPORTANT! This service is provided only in Kiev and subject to delivery only in Kiev and the Kiev region. You can check the payment options for your order outside Kiev with your local Delavega dealer in your city (Map of representative offices)

We are happy to answer any questions about Payment by Instalment. Please call us at: +38 (050) 141 6587

Buy upholstered furniture online in instalments in Kiev