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Leading brands in Europe

Leading brands in Europe, the UK and America are ready to offer you fabrics for upholstered furniture projects that embody your dreams. These can be very young (by world industrial standards) companies such as Romo, which in just thirty years of their existence have already earned prestige in the world of the textile industry, and its long-livers Morris & Co, whose ornaments struck fans of elegance as far back as 1880

Italian leather
Italian Leather Futura

Genuine leather has always been a symbol of success. The choice in its favor was made by those for whom elegance, traditions and prestige are important. The Italian leather industry dates back to the 11th century. The secrets of craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation became the basis for the successful operation of modern factories for the production of leather.

RAL K5 catalog

Elizabeth de la Vega is the only company in Ukraine that provides you with a unique skin coloring service in the RAL K5 catalog. The RAL color chart was approved in 1927 by the German Institute for Quality and Certification. Now it is the oldest, most respected, and most popular color scheme. Elizabeth de la Vega will fulfill your desire to dye leather or nubuck in any color according to your preferences, color accents in the interior or corporate colors. Choose one of the more than 210 color solutions of the classic RAL K5 catalog, and our professionals will do the rest.

FUTURA leather

FUTURA attracted our attention with the exclusiveness of its offer - 400 skin colors in 36 textured versions. It was to them we turned in search of the highest quality and elite material for sofas Elizabeth de la Vega. Whatever upholstery you would dream of — delicate, like silk, rich, grainy or super smooth, which gives you rich tactile sensations — we are sure that with FUTURA leather we realize the most daring ones.

Beech - durability, strength, moisture resistance

As for a person, posture is important, which forms an attractive visual image and is the key to his health, so for upholstered furniture it is extremely important to choose the right material in the manufacture of the frame. In his choice, we were consistent to the end and having experienced a sufficient number of wood species, we offer you a single option - beech. Its durability, strength, moisture resistance, the ability to bend under the action of steam, ease of processing, allow us to create strong supporting structures for your sofas. Our firm confidence in the quality and properties of this material is expressed in the lifetime warranty on the frames of all our products.

Amann threads
Amann threads

Already for 160 years in the German city of Benningham, Amann produces threads. Such temporary and location stability is accompanied by the highest quality threads, the choice for which was made by professionals from 21 countries, among which we, deciding to create for you the most reliable sofas only with the help of the most innovative technologies and the highest quality materials. Every day the company produces one million kilometers of perfect yarns, which can span the globe 25 times. This is the strongest thread of all known in the world market.

Plywood 15 mm

In search of the most optimal materials for the manufacture of furniture for you, we chose plywood to create the frameworks of our products. The correctness of our choice is obvious to us. We want this to be clear to you. Only your confidence that at each stage of furniture making, we use only the highest quality materials, will allow you to enjoy the sofas of Elizabeth de la Vega and understand the pricing principles of our products.

types of fillers

Delavega is pleased to offer you various types of fillers for upholstered furniture, based on your wishes. First of all, it is export quality down feather with an improved fraction. We made sure that the feathers did not penetrate the material of the pillows, introducing the technology of double teak shielding, unique for the Ukrainian market. In addition, we use a multi-chamber structure of pillows, which allows you to evenly distribute the filler and significantly extend its life.

Norwegian company ESSVE
Essve fasteners

Scandinavian design is notable primarily for ingenious design solutions, stability and durability of supporting structures. In search of the most effective fastening material, we found the self-tapping screws of the Norwegian company ESSVE, known in the market since 1970. It offers not just the best fasteners in the world, it, among other reasons, provides you with confidence in the reliability of Elizabeth de la Vega products, in the form of a lifetime warranty on frames.

hypoallergenic environmentally friendly fillers synthetic winterizer and latex polyurethane foam

If you are allergic to natural fluff or feather, we offer you hypoallergenic environmentally friendly fillers synthetic winterizer and latex polyurethane foam. These are durable and practical materials that are odorless and provide maximum comfort. Delavega specialists manually stuff all the pillows and carefully monitor the quality of the final product.

Delavega products use HR type latexed polyurethane foam

Ideal upholstered furniture should be thought out to the smallest detail. We pay special attention to the quality of the lower cushions for the sofa, which have to withstand different weights and at the same time maintain their original shape for many years. That is why many Delavega products use HR type latexed polyurethane foam of varying degrees of density as a filler. This material does not cause allergies, it is very elastic and durable. In addition, polyurethane foam does not absorb dust, which is very important for sofas.
We are so confident in the quality of our materials that we provide a oficial guarantee for all Delavega upholstered furniture - 5 years.

Delavega has developed a unique teak double-shielding technology

This is a fabric that meets all environmental standards, as it consists of natural cotton. Thanks to the special technology of weaving, teak ideally preserves the original shape of the pillows. Also, teak prevents the down-feather filler from penetrating through the cushion shell.
Delavega has developed a unique teak double-shielding technology that completely eliminates fluff and feathers from getting to the surface of upholstered furniture. Your comfort is our primary concern.

snake spring
Spring snake

In the manufacture of upholstered furniture Delavega, not only visible but invisible to the eye details are important. One of these elements is the snake spring - it is silent, very durable and will last for many years even under extreme loads.

special non-slip lining fabric

Modern technologies make it possible to solve the problem of moving-out landing cushions on sofas and armchairs with the help of a special non-slip lining fabric. We use these technological solutions in the production of upholstered furniture today.
The lining fabric is made of several layers (fabric and rubberized surface), which exclude the displacement of the pillows during operation. The new non-slip lining from DELAVEGA will keep the perfect aesthetic appearance of your upholstered furniture for many years.

In the production of upholstered furniture factory DELAVEGA uses materials only from leading manufacturers from Italy, France, Britain and other European countries.