Factory of cushioned furniture
Philosophy (concept)
Touch the harmony
We are sincerely grateful to you for your choice and we will do everything to justify your trust.
Fidelity to the profession
is like the fidelity to the family
Our company is a family business. It was founded by our family and several generations are working here. We are faithful to our profession as we are faithful to our family, as we are faithful to our fortune to create the unique cushioned furniture which perfection is achived by our rules, sophisticated skills of our team, elegancy in design and precisely selected materials.
Unique service
Unique possibilities
We respect you, appreciate your time and we are grateful for your faith.
We are ready to prove it with our truely unique service
Our soul.
We are fond of our job and we are constantly looking for the most innovative and sharp decisions for cushioned furniture manufacturing. We never stop and get tired. We are highly attentive to everything. We are demanding to ourselves and intransigent in choosing materials, equipment and accesory. Because we are guided by the rule that diamonds are created just from adamants.
Our products
Our collections don't follow the trends and marketing demands but reflect my understanding of design, quality and ergonimics. I am guided by the rule that I would like to see every product of Elizabeth de la Vega in my own house.
Elizabeth de la Vega founder
Your uniqueness is clear to us. We have done everything to prove to you that we respect your identity by creating the atelier of exclusive cushioned furniture DELAVEGA INDIVIDUAL. You will feel our deep attention to you identity, when you become a part of this program.
RAL coloration
of leather and nubuck
Elizabeth de la Vega is the only Ukrainian company presenting to you the unique possibility to color leather and nubuck according to RAL K5 catalog which includes 210 colors
Elizabeth De La Vega
The factory is constantly growing and four main directions of Elizabeth de la Vega manufacture have been formed after rebranding.
Elizabeth de la Vega
Manufacture of the furniture of our own design by the individual request
Research in the design fields, creation of the test models, collaboration with designers
Delavega Gallery
Ukrainian design gallery based on the collection of our brand cushioned furniture.
Manufacture of cushioned furniture and accessory by Elizabeth de la Vega