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Sofa A41 (Kyiv)Sofa A41 (Kyiv)
115 260 грн.
83 580 грн.
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Children's bed KD31 Plus (Kyiv)Children's bed KD31 Plus (Kyiv)
51 800 грн.
38 900 грн.
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Corner sofa F36 (Kyiv)Corner sofa F36 (Kyiv)
102 804 грн.
71 962 грн.
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Bed K56 (Kyiv)Bed K56 (Kyiv)
67 240 грн.
50 308 грн.
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Corner sofa F111 (Kyiv)Corner sofa F111 (Kyiv)Corner sofa F111 (Kyiv)
113 440 грн.
79 408 грн.
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Bed K3 (Kyiv)Bed K3 (Kyiv)
45 720 грн.
32 604 грн.
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Sofa А73 (Kyiv)Sofa А73 (Kyiv)
77 664 грн.
54 364 грн.
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Corner sofa F25 (Kyiv)Corner sofa F25 (Kyiv)
149 458 грн.
105 214 грн.
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Bed K17 (Kyiv)Bed K17 (Kyiv)
69 880 грн.
52 156 грн.
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Sofa А49 (Kyiv)Sofa А49 (Kyiv)
85 398 грн.
59 778 грн.
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Corner sofa F16 (Kyiv)Corner sofa F16 (Kyiv)
59 400 грн.
55 000 грн.
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Sofa A43 (Kyiv)Sofa A43 (Kyiv)
149 040 грн.
81 972 грн.
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Sofa A16 (Kyiv)Sofa A16 (Kyiv)
88 047 грн.
62 523 грн.
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Armchair C114 (Kyiv)Armchair C114 (Kyiv)Armchair C114 (Kyiv)
59 560 грн.
41 692 грн.
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Armchair С112 (Kyiv)Armchair С112 (Kyiv)
29 000 грн.
20 300 грн.
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Armchair C79 (Kyiv)Armchair C79 (Kyiv)
29 000 грн.
20 300 грн.
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Table D751 (Kyiv)Table D751 (Kyiv)Table D751 (Kyiv)
25 000 грн.
18 550 грн.
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Armchair С111 (Kyiv)Armchair С111 (Kyiv)Armchair С111 (Kyiv)
28 000 грн.
16 000 грн.
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Pouf D731 (Kyiv)Pouf D731 (Kyiv)
17 760 грн.
12 432 грн.
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Individual table (Kyiv)Individual table (Kyiv)
17 000 грн.
12 500 грн.
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Individual Pouf (Kyiv)Individual Pouf (Kyiv)
19 520 грн.
9 760 грн.

Upholstery sale directly from the manufacturer: all items are in stock

Premium upholstered furniture is a crown jewel of any interior design, reflecting your good taste and style. Sofa and bed sale is a great chance to buy luxury furniture at an affordable price.

You will find all current discounted pieces of Delavega upholstered furniture in the Sale section. All pieces are in excellent condition, brand new, with no signs of use or any defects. Please note that ITEMS IN THIS SECTION ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE IN OUR SHOW ROOMS. You can order any of them right now, delivery included, and have them delivered very soon without waiting for its manufacture.

Benefits of buying furniture on sale

Want to renovate on a budget? Delavega design and manufacturing company will help you with this great idea. Upholstered furniture is on sale on the most favourable terms:

  • Constantly updating our product range allows us to offer you favourable discounts on beds, sofas, armchairs. Sale items include showpieces and furniture from the warehouse, which you can buy at reduced prices right now.
  • The Sale section on Delavega’s official website offers a wide range of furniture that is constantly updated, so that you can always find the right fir for you here (for example, you can order an armchair from our online store, a comfortable sofa or a queen bed, delivery included).
  • We use top-quality materials to make premium sofas, beds and armchairs: timber, waterproof sanded plywood, Swedish self tapping screws to ensure secure interconnection of the frame part as well as long life and excellent performance of our furniture.
  • Delavega design and manufacturing company provides a 10-year warranty on all in-house upholstered furniture as well as after-sales service that is unparalleled for the Ukrainian furniture market: annual restuffing of sofa and armchair cushions available free of charge to all of our customers.
  • To order a discounted bed, all you need is to select a design that you like in the Sale section, add it to the shopping cart and place your order.

Discounted upholstered furniture in Kyiv, in Ukraine

Delavega design and manufacturing company offers a wide range of premium furniture at a great discount on our website.

  • A discounted sofa is a great chance to upgrade your living room on a budget. The range includes straight line sofas in classical and trendy designs. You can choose a great corner sofa on sale, which will be a perfect addition to your décor and use the space efficiently. Stay tuned for this section updates.
  • A living room is inconceivable without a sofa or cosy armchairs that complement the overall design and provide extra sitting area for family members or guests. You can buy a discounted chair for home in our Sale section. We offer all kinds of armchairs in both classical and trendy designs. Armchair sale will allow you to get a full set of premium living room furniture or pick a cosy armchair or chair with a discount for your bedroom where you can enjoy comfortable reading before bedtime.
  • Buying a bed at a bargain price on sale is a great opportunity to get premium furniture that will ensure unparalleled comfort and healthy good night’s sleep. Delavega design and manufacturing company makes a large variety of storage beds with drawers which provide extra space to keep your bedding. A quick way to upgrade your bedroom is to order a bed, delivery included.

To create inexpensive but stylish décor, order a sofa online at a discount. To buy an armchair, sofa or bed at a discounted price, monitor Delavega’s Sale section for new upholstery items. You will surely find the right furniture piece at the best price.

Ordering a sofa online is the right decision. Premium furniture will serve you for many years to come, looking great throughout its entire use life.

Luxury furniture at a discount price directly from the manufacturer

There is no need to get upset if you are tight on a budget to renovate your flat. Ordering a high-end quality sofa on sale, delivery included, is a nice compromise to get a premium furniture piece at a bargain price.

With the wide variety of furniture in the Sale section, you will be able to furnish not just one room but the entire flat with beautiful and comfortable pieces. From our online store, you can order a bed and an armchair, or a living room sofa that will become a permanent favourite relaxation spot for the entire family.

Upholstered furniture from the Sale section is sold across Ukraine, with the cities where it is sold specified in the header of each sale item.  Delavega sofas and beds on sale are regularly updated, so our advice is to check this section often, and you will surely find a good-priced sofa or any other furniture that you need.

Please note that the number of upholstered furniture items in the Sale section is limited. If you want to order a bed online and have already selected a desired piece from this section, be prompt with placing your order, since the number of Delavega sale furniture items is limited. The Sale section is timely update to have only current upholstery pieces which are available now and sold at a reduced price.