Cities where you can buy furniture from the Delavega atelier factory -


Factory-studio Delavega has concentrated production facilities in Kyiv. But in order to purchase beautiful and durable upholstered furniture of European quality, you do not have to go to the capital, but just contact our official dealers or place an order on the Delavega website.

Delavega beds

     Beds - Uzhgorod
     Beds - Dnipro
     Beds - Odessa
     Beds - Zaporozhye
     Beds - Lviv
     Beds - Ternopil

Sofas Delavega

     Sofas - Uzhgorod
     Sofas - Lviv
     Sofas - Odessa
     Corner sofas - Uzhgorod
     Sofas - Zaporozhye