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Semi-circle sofas


Unusual things always draw attention, so semi-circle sofas have become the hottest new trend in recent years. A semi-circle sofa is an arch-shaped comfortable piece of furniture for the living room. Such sofas can come either as one piece or as modules consisting of individual interconnected parts. A semi-circle sofa can have a slight or pronounced curve and include decorative and functional elements such as shelves, armrests, a mini bar, underseat drawers. With either a slight or pronounced curve, this type of upholstered furniture will look remarkable in any interior.

Thanks to its unusual design, a designer semi-circle sofa will add sophistication to your living room décor and emphasise your unique personality and style. A half-moon shape makes upholstered semi-circle more exciting and eye-catching compared to other models.

A semi-circle sofa is a great choice for spacious rooms. You can place it placed either in the middle or near a wall. Half-moon shape adds a unique spin on your interior design and helps zone the space. With its graceful flowing lines, a semi-circle sofa excellently complements even a small living room.

Benefits of semi-circle sofas

With the other furniture well-arranged and the space well-zoned, a semi-circle sofa available for purchase in Delavega online upholstered furniture store will be a nice complement to any room. According to psychologists, the interior free of sharp corners and edges makes you feel peace and comfort. Curved lines create sense of calm, while rounded edges are subconsciously seen more ethereal while adding a touch of luxury to any décor.

A semi-circle sofa will be a perfect match both for home and for the office. The reception area decorated with a half-moon sofa looks stylish and sophisticated, emphasising the company’s status. It allows you to comfortably accommodate a fair number of office visitors without using additional furniture.

Half-moon sofas will perfectly fit into rooms with semi-circle niches, arches, round ceiling decoration. They also look good in the corners. Your new balanced interior design will be complemented with an oval or round coffee table, carpet or mirror.

Any owner of a half-moon sofa will agree that the most advantageous layout is to place it in front of the fireplace area or a TV, or in front of the dining table for the kitchen. Simply choose a design you like and proper dimensions to make your living room a crown jewel of your home and a favourite recreation spot for the whole family for many years to come.

How to choose a semi-circle sofa?

A semi-circle sofa isn’t that common in the home interior design since it does not always fit smaller rooms. If you want to play around with furniture shapes, then a semi-circle sofa will be a great choice for you. Buy a soft semi-circle sofa made by Delavega, a Ukrainian upholstered furniture design and manufacturing company, on our online furniture store,

Elegant lines and an exciting shape of soft semi-circle sofas will definitely awe your guests as well as accommodate all of them.

Before buying, consider dimensions and upholstery of the sofa. We use a wide array of high-quality, user-friendly and durable fabrics in a variety of textures and colours from Europe’s top manufacturers, which help us offer our customer a piece that will meet their every need. Upholstery material can be tailored to your wishes.

Long life of the furniture also depends on the material of the frame. To make frames, Delavega design and manufacturing company uses natural wood, perfectly sturdy and durable beech timber.

The stuffing is equally important when choosing a semi-circle sofa, since directly impacts comfort and use life. The best filler is polyurethane foam, which is used by Delavega to make its sofas and couches. This material is reliable, durable, dust proof and allergy-friendly. Latex polyurethane foam has orthopaedic properties, which ensures excellent back support, relieves fatigue and prevents lower back pain.

Tips to arrange a semi-circle sofa

When buying a semi-circle sofa, bear in mind the size of your room. Large designs are not recommended for a living room area less than 25 sq.m. Moderate-size sets will work better here. For spacious rooms that can fit properly large furniture, you can choose a 5-6 seater semi-circle sofa or even larger.

Semi-circle sofas are designed for rooms with a bay window. With the window of the bay, the space appears to be wider, and curved furniture fits there perfectly. It will look good in any room: sitting room, kitchen, study.

Half-moon designs look equally great in standard square or rectangular rooms. For them, it we recommend installing stretched ceiling with round shapes. Otherwise, consider an arched doorway or a round niche.

A half-moon sofa is also great for zoning the space. To create a retreat and relaxation corner, place your soft semi-circle sofa in front of the TV, put a beautiful coffee table in the middle, and enjoy absolute comfort.

A semi-circle sofa by Delavega design and manufacturing company online and pay by instalments

Delavega online store offers a variety of types of designer furniture. You can also order a custom-made semi-circle sofa with dimensions, colour and fabrics of your choice.

Delavega show rooms are located in all large cities of Ukraine. We deliver our upholstered furniture free of charge to any area in Kyiv or countrywide for an additional fee.

To buy a soft semi-circle sofa online, contact us using the phone number on our website or place your order via the website. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible and answer to all your questions about any product.