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Coffee table D761Coffee table D761
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Coffee table D751Coffee table D751
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A comfortable sofa, armchairs and a coffee are central in making the living room a cosy place. It is hard to imagine a modern living room without this piece of furniture that is equally useful and aesthetically pleasing despite its compact size. To look stylish and complete, the living room definitely needs a coffee table, which you can buy in Ukraine from Delavega’s wide range.

Why do you need a coffee table?

A designer coffee table will make a great addition to any room, making it much cosier. In addition to being a good place to put a figurine, a beautiful vase or a TV remote control on, a premium coffee table can have a more practical use. A bedside table is a good place to nestle by, sipping coffee and reading a book.

A coffee table available at Delavega online store will complement the overall style of the room and create a unique oasis of comfort and peace. As decoration, this piece of furniture makes any space look cosy and appealing. We recommend buying a beautiful coffee table to adorn your interior.

You can always use a glass-top coffee table to put a fresh newspaper or a cup of coffee on it and snuggle in an armchair with a laptop. Football fans use low tables to put drinks and snacks when watching a match on TV. You can also have a vase with fresh flowers, decorative candles and all other sorts of accessories on your table which is a must-have for any living room despite its modest size.

Benefits of coffee tables

A modern luxury flat is hard to imagine without a small yet important thing which is a designer coffee table. A useful furniture piece to have a cup of tea or read at, a designer coffee table is also a stylish interior decoration that accentuates the décor.

Buy a coffee table in Kharkiv, Kyiv and in other regions of Ukraine and enjoy its many advantages:

  • Small size of a pouf coffee table allows to put it in any room regardless of its size. We offer tables styled and sized to perfectly blend into both large spacious living room and smaller room interior.
  • Order a coffee table online to have all your useful little things, such as a TV remote or a phone, as well as other knick-knacks in one place. You can buy a coffee table with shelves, drawers and other storage to keep belongings online.
  • A pouf table or a coffee table is a very important piece of furniture to create superb comfort in the living room and ensure that all essentials are always at hand and in sight.
  • A small table is a multi-functional as well as decorative piece of furniture. Shop for a coffee table to emphasise the overall design for the room. A suitable design will give a new look to any space.

That is why buying a coffee table online for any flat regardless of its area and layout is certainly a good idea since it is an essential piece of furniture.

How to choose a coffee table?

Choose a designer coffee table based on its intended use. Premium coffee tables can serve as a decoration or a place to keep magazines, books or other things. It is then best to buy an office coffee table.

When choosing a coffee table, think about its purpose, which room you will put it in, what height you need, whether it should have a shelf, the style of the room, where you will set it up and what surface you want.

If you want to order a coffee table online, delivery included, consider the following:

  • Style. You can buy online a coffee table in any style. If your interior design is clear and minimalist, go for classic styles. Modern interiors will look great with more extravagant designs.
  • Size. When shopping for a table for home or office, delivery included, decide on the main parameter, the size of the table. Choosing dimensions for your table, consider the living room area and the free space available specifically for the table. The size also depends on the purpose for which you want to buy a table. If it is solely a decoration, opt for a smaller table.
  • Materials. Coffee tables are made of diverse materials, including wood, glass, metal, acrylic polymers. Modern trends include designs that nicely blend multiple materials, like wood and glass.
  • Shape. Coffee tables come in any imaginable shape: round, oval, square, asymmetric. Narrow oval designs look great in small spaces. For a large living room, choose a square or rectangular table. When choosing a coffee table, also consider the shape of the room and whether it has carpeting.

Delavega coffee table

If you plan to buy a coffee table in Kyiv, consider the centrepiece of the room. It can be a top-class sofa or a bright carpet. In this case, a coffee table ordered from the online store should emphasise the existing design.

The website of Delavega upholstery design and manufacturing company presents a variety of table frames, colours and shapes to bring the boldest design ideas to life and create your unique luxury interior design. Our customers can choose from a wide range of designer coffee tables that vary in material, size, colour, shape, style. A premium coffee table may have a glass, wooden or padded table top.

All our elegant coffee tables are available in standard or custom sizes. We offer high-end tables to any preference, and we can adapt any designer coffee table you choose based on your concept of aesthetics and comfort.

Delavega coffee tables stand out for their classy colour palette and excellent European quality. Made using high-quality European equipment, designer coffee tables with its eye-pleasing exclusive design will serve you for many years to come.

A broad range of deluxe coffee tables and Delavega custom solutions will satisfy even the most exacting customers.  Making our premium coffee tables, we are very exact about any materials we use.

Buy Delavega designer coffee tables by instalments (Payment by Instalments service) with delivery both within Kyiv and countrywide. Our collections features a great number of premium table designs available in different sizes, materials and colours. Delavega upholstered furniture is manufactured and sold in Ukraine. We offer free delivery to any area in Kyiv or countrywide for an additional fee.