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Modular sofa DPModular sofa DPModular sofa DP
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Corner couch F118Corner couch F118Corner couch F118
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Modular sofa, section DP1Modular sofa, section DP1Modular sofa, section DP1
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Modular sofa, section DP2Modular sofa, section DP2Modular sofa, section DP2
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Modular sofa, section DP3Modular sofa, section DP3Modular sofa, section DP3
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Modular sofa, section DP4Modular sofa, section DP4
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Modular sofa, section DP5Modular sofa, section DP5
from 18 275 грн.

It is time to buy a designer modular sofa directly from the manufacturer, which will become the highlight of your home or office. A modern styled living room needs creative upholstered furnishing to complement the décor. Modular sofas are the best solution for any flat. A modular sofa that blends balanced design, high comfort and all essential features will allow bring any designer ideas to life. Delavega design and manufacturing company offers modular sofas for purchase in Kyiv and in other cities of Ukraine. We have a wide choice of in-stock and custom-made luxury furniture with designs suited to every fancy.

Features of modular sofas and couches

Premium modular sofas stand out because of their versatility and user-friendliness. A designer modular sofa is made up of a number of individual pieces, allowing to easily reshape it. With few pieces in a set, you can transform you sofa into an armchair or a sleeping area.

Premium modular sofas fit any interior style and room size. Designer sectional sofas are designed to fit into any room, so they will be perfect both for the living room and the kitchen. Lately, modular sofas have become a big hit, since they can be easily re-arranged into a new style, shape or size. In addition, backrest height in this type of sofas is adjustable.

Modular sofas for the living room are a great modern choice due to many clear benefits:

  • They can come in any size by adding as many pieces as you need;
  • With its stylish and authentic design, a modular sofa will be a great addition to any environment;
  • Modular furniture is great for space zoning;
  • Sofas made of separate parts are easy to use; their units can be easily rearranged without damaging the floor.

High-end modular sofas will bring maximum comfort to your room and optimise your room space. Sectional sofas are a great choice for spacious rooms. A top-class modular sofa looks great in any interior style.

Types of modular sofas and couches

Before you buy a modular sofa in Kyiv, look into the variety of designs and choose the right one for you. The sofa can have shelves, storage drawers, a small table and other additions that will determine its exact purpose. Some models are designed for the living room, some are great for the office, while others have a proper sleeping area that perfectly fit into the bedroom.

A standard modular set usually includes the following:

  • Straight seater units which can be arranged into a sofa of any length;
  • Corner units used as the ends giving the structure a finished shape;
  • A sleeper chair or an ottoman, which can serve an additional sleeping place;
  • Armrests that double as internal or external shelving help to zone the sofa;
  • A pouf that often goes with a modular sofa is another seater unit.

There are several types of modular sofas and couches:

  • Sectional modular sofa is a complete design with secured parts that cannot be rearranged.
  • Multi-piece sofas have loose modules that are not secured with each other. This means that this type of modular sofa can be arranged into any shape with its units being moved around without effort. The design can also be complemented with additional modules as desired. Poufs, armchairs and ottomans go as individual pieces and are not attached to the main structure.
  • Semi-circle sofas shaped as a curved arch are in high demand. A semi-circle modular sofa will give any room a touch of elegance and airiness. Curved shape does not compromise the functionality of semi-circle sofas since they can be equipped with armrests, storage compartments and other additions of your choice.

How to choose a modular sofa or couch?

If you decided to buy a modular sofa, consider these key criteria:

  • Dimensions of the furniture should be chosen according to the floor space. Large rooms will look authentic and stylish with loft modular sofas.
  • You can buy a modular sofa for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or office. Choose the style and functionality of the sofa depending on its intended purpose.
  • When choosing a premium modular sofa, consider the number, shape and size of the modules.
  • Upholstery material is also important: it must be of high quality and durable. Modern-day designer sofas are upholstered with special fabrics that are stain- and dirt-resistant and are easy to clean.
  • If you are looking for a modular sofa for your bedroom, opt for designs equipped with a proper sleeping area and an easy-to-use folding mechanism.

Modular sofas by Delavega upholstered furniture design and manufacturing company

If you want to buy modular sofas in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine, Delavega design and manufacturing company is your top choice, since we offer custom-made luxury furniture that has fantastic service life. Delavega upholstered furniture online store offers a great range of designs, and you will easily find a great match for your living room, office or kitchen.

To upholster our sofas, we use a wide array of high-quality, user-friendly and durable fabrics in a variety of textures and colours from Europe’s top manufacturers, so that we can make modular sofas in any style.  You can get upholstery material customised to meet every taste and need and be a perfect addition to your room décor.

Modular sofas online in Kyiv and Ukraine and pay by instalments, delivery available

Any of our premium modular sofas and couches is available for purchase from online store or at our dealers’ premium furniture show rooms across Ukraine. Delavega upholstered furniture is manufactured and sold in Ukraine. We deliver Delavega furniture to any area of Kyiv free of charge or countrywide for an extra fee.

Buying upholstered furniture in our store, you can be sure of its quality, since we give a 24-month warranty on all Delavega premium furniture. We also give a discount for all modular sofa designs based on the time of manufacture.

To buy a premium modular sofa pay for it by instalments, contact us using the phone number found on our website or place your order via the website. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible, give you professional advice on our modular sofa range and answer all of your questions.