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We are attentive to all stages of cooperation, therefore we adhere to full-fledged and continuous communication with you from the moment of the first visit to the showroom or to the site, and before installing new upholstered furniture in your living room or bedroom.

- If you live in Kiev, we will independently deliver the purchased goods to the specified address - this service is completely free for you. The manager agrees on a convenient time for you to receive the order.

- If you place an order with our regional representative, the time and time are agreed with him.

- If you place an order through an online store, without fail, our manager will call you back and agree on the delivery time.

In order to prevent force majeure situations and damage to goods, the specialists of the Delavega factory independently and securely pack your purchase before sending it to the transport company.

For your convenience, we have significantly expanded the range of partners, and now you can receive your order through any logistics company on the territory of Ukraine: Novaya Pochta, Autolux, Delivery, Ying Time, Mist Express, CAT, etc.

The product purchased by you is necessarily accompanied by a passport, in which all key parameters are indicated, including the production date and serial number. The warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery of the product.


Elizabeth de la Vega is the only company in Ukraine that provides you with a unique opportunity to dye leather and nubuck in the RAL K5 catalog (210 colors). The RAL color table was approved in 1927 by the German Institute, however, it should be forgotten that the constant information and propaganda support of our activities requires the definition and clarification of areas of progressive development. Equally, constant quantitative growth and our scope. The significance of these problems is so obvious that the strengthening and development of the structure requires us to analyze further checks on the forms of development. Thus, a new model of organizational activity largely determines the creation of new proposals.

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