For DELAVEGA, there is no concept of a standard sofa, nor a standard customer. That is why we position our enterprise as an atelier, and not a factory. Each of you has absolutely individual physical parameters, and besides it comes to us with a completely individual design and design task. As a rule, we try to translate all your wishes completely, adapting our model line for them. This applies not only to the length of the sofa, but also its depth, the dimensions of the armrests, the height and depth of the landing, the overall height of the products, the size and number of lower and spin cushions, the height of the legs, the use of decorative elements, buttons, nails, etc. Dimensions that we can change as you wish are described on each product page in the dimensions section. All of them are permissible and correspond to our own ideas about ergonomics, design and structural strength.
This means that by contacting us with your own idea of ​​a sofa or bed, you can be sure that our specialists will help you and, if necessary, draw your attention to those parameters that do not comply with our three basic rules: ergonomics, design, strength structure. If for some reason you did not discuss this when placing an order with our managers, or ordering remotely, you can still be calm. If you have any questions with our designers at the factory, our specialist will contact you, before starting the order.
The specificity of the work of our company is precisely aimed at offering you such a unique level of interaction, and in tandem with our other service, urgent production from 2 days, it actually means an individual sofa in stock.
The uniqueness of this combination is for you to judge.

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