Reasons why you have chosen us

We ask about this almost all of our customers you for this, and we will do our best to justify your trust
Because the answer to this question helps us to grow. Some are attracted by a five-year guarantee, others were recommended by the company to friends, while others only managed to realize their own design ideas. There are those who came to us for a sense of respectability and elegance. Or those who have explored the entire market have found in us the ideal value for money.
Five-year warranty, urgent production, resizing, quality, materials, ergonomics, approach to work, attention to detail, special outstanding design, big show room. For you not to choose us, we are sincerely grateful to you for this, and we will do our best to justify your trust
Attention to detail
You are able to appreciate comfort and beauty, which is why you turned to us, in Elizabeth de la Vega. You can be associated with the furniture industry and know all the subtleties of production, then you will appreciate our quality. You can just be a lover of comfortable rest and neutral style in the interior, then you will like our universal design, a wealth of choice of textiles, leather, and comfortable designs.
We are sure of this because our furniture has already been evaluated by the strictest judges - ourselves. We personally check everything, and nothing escapes our attention. You can rest assured. Our experience and our knowledge work for you.
The essence of our work is to create gifts for you, which are given only to close people in honor of the most significant events in their life. Gifts that will make you smile and understand how important you are to us. Gifts that will show you that the sofa from Elizabeth de la Vega is a holiday that will always be with you. We have developed a special gift for you, exclusive engraving, which will be present on every Delavega INDIVIDUAL product. It will become a kind of cherry on the festive cake, by which you will celebrate the appearance in your house of the new sofa Elizabeth de la Vega.
The peak, capitone or coach-type screed is known from the 18th century. The last name of this method of decorating upholstered furniture accurately describes those who could afford it. It has always been a sign of elegant furniture, created for wealthy connoisseurs of impeccable classics. And how not everyone could appreciate the peak or afford furniture, where it was applied, and not all specialists are able to implement it. This requires systematic years of work on the creation of upholstered furniture, natural talent, a natural flair of fingers, polished by many years of experience, which can be compared with the sensitivity of the fingers of a violinist, knowledge of the qualities of tissues, possession of the laws of geometry, patience and rare physical endurance. Initially, in our country, for obvious reasons, there were no specialists who own this technology, as well as equipment necessary for its implementation.
We managed to raise such specialists, to put into their hands effective tools from Germany for its creation. We are not ashamed of the fact that our reference points in this technology were Top world factories POLTRONA FRAU, MASCHERONI, BERTO SALOTTI. We studied all available materials in order to own this technology also professionally. And now after years of training, with pride we can say: our sofas are not worse.
Elizabeth De La Vega
After successful work on the local and international market, several rulers of the atelier were formed
To prevent the filling of the filler and to achieve an original visual effect, the only correct solution is the use of quilting. Choosing quilting for your future couch, you will contact Elizabeth de la Vega. Because you already know that quilting has always been, is and will be our brand name, which means that we do it with quality, carefully, like no one else. We can quilk any detail of your sofa. And when we say any, we just mean it. You can choose for your project of your sofa any shape, size or pattern of quilting. And you can be sure that if your option is to be adapted to the desired model of upholstered furniture, we will offer you all the options that will allow your sofa or beds to look harmonious, in accordance with your notion of aesthetics and convenience.
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