Leading brands in Europe, the United Kingdom and America are ready to offer you fabrics for the implementation of soft furniture projects that embody your dreams. It can be quite young (by world industrial standards) companies, such as Romo, who in just thirty years of their existence already earned prestige in the world of the textile industry, and its long-livers - Morris & Co, whose ornaments struck lovers of elegance as far back as 1880. This may be the brands of the British industry, represented by Sanderson, Zofany or the main players of the French market - Casamance. Nobilis. This can be fabric of different textures - tapestry, velvet or chenille. They can have a different style - from trend trends of the current season to timeless classic ornaments, passing from collection to collection. What unites all the brands that we have chosen for you is the durability of luxurious color solutions, maximum practicality, high wear resistance, unquestionably unsurpassed quality and environmental friendliness.

These may be the brands of the British industry, represented by Sanderson, or the main players of the French market - Casamance. This can be fabric of different textures - tapestry, velvet or chenille. They can have a different style - from trend trends of the current season to timeless classic ornaments, passing from collection to collection. What unites all the brands that we have chosen for you is the durability of luxurious color solutions, maximum practicality, high wear resistance, unquestionably unsurpassed quality and environmental friendliness.
Italian leather FUTURA
Natural skin has always been a symbol of success. The choice in its favor was made by those who are interested in elegance, tradition and prestige. The Italian leather industry dates back to the 11th century. Secrets of skill passed down from generation to generation, became the basis for the successful operation of modern factories for the production of leather. FUTURA attracted our attention by the exclusivity of its offer - 400 skin colors in 36 textured versions. It was to them that we turned in search of the most qualitative and elite material for the sofas of Elizabeth de la Vega. About what kind of upholstery you would not dream of - soft, like silk, saturated, granular or super smooth, which gives you rich tactile sensations - we are sure that with the skin of FUTURA we realize the most daring of them.
Предлагая вам самые проверенные модели диванов, материалы, ткани и конструктивные решения, мы всегда прислушиваемся к вашему мнению. Поставив в приоритет ваш выбор, мы предлагаем вам разные виды наполнителя, в зависимости от вашего личного предпочтения. Если у вас нет аллергии на натуральный пух или перо, то вы остановитесь на них в качестве наполнителя для вашей мягкой мебели. Наши специалисты вручную набивают подушки, и за годы работы на предприятии Elizabeth de la Vega отточили свое мастерство на вес определять идеально набитую подушку. Синтепон выбирают практичные любители комфорта - он долговечен, не вызывает аллергии, у него нет запаха и он удивительно удобен в обслуживании. На каком бы материале вы не остановили свой выбор, вы можете быть уверены в том, что мы предоставим вам специалиста, который объяснит все плюсы и достоинства каждого материала, чтобы ваш выбор был осознанным, а изготовленный на нашем предприятии диван нес на себе отпечаток и вашего участия в его создании. Хотим также обратить ваше внимание, что на протяжении всего гарантийного срока 5 лет ВСЕ наполнители могут быть заменены любое количество раз без доплаты.
Our experts manually fill the pillows and over the years of work at the Elizabeth de la Vega company have honed their skills in weight to determine the perfectly stuffed pillow. Synthepon is chosen by practical lovers of comfort - it is durable, does not cause allergies, it does not smell and it is surprisingly convenient to maintain. Whichever material you choose, you can be sure that we will provide you with a specialist who will explain all the pros and cons of each material so that your choice is conscious, and the sofa created in our company bears the imprint of your participation in its creation.
Polyurethane foam
In a well-done work, there are no trifles. Moreover, when it comes to filling the lower cushions for the sofa, the load on which must withstand a different weight, keep the shape for many years, and meet the growing environmental standards. Latexed Polyurethane foam of the HR type of different density levels, which we chose as a filler for the lower cushions of the Elizabeth de la Vega sofas, has all the qualities necessary for your safe and comfortable rest - it is hypoallergenic, durable, elastic, and does not absorb dust. We are firmly confident in the quality and properties of this material, and that is why we give you the opportunity, if necessary, to replace it without additional payment, any number of times throughout the warranty period of 5 years.
The spring of the snake
Мы придаем большое значение даже невидимым вам и незаметным для окружающих составляющим мягкой мебели, потому что они оказывают видимое влияние на качество вашей жизни, ваше здоровье и возможность расслабиться. Выбрав пружину змейку для каркасов изделий Elizabeth de la Vega, мы подумали о том, чтобы максимально улучшить их ортопедические свойства и прочность конструкции. Этот тип пружины будет служить вам долгие годы бесшумно и качественно, даже при экстремальных нагрузках
A fabric that fully meets all environmental standards, as it consists of natural raw materials, cotton. The fabric, which thanks to a special weaving, keeps the shape of the pillow. And finally, a fabric that does not allow the pen to dig into your back or down to appear on the surface of upholstered furniture. All this is about the napernikovy puho-holding teak, which we offer for the pillows of your sofa. It seemed to us a little - just to offer you the best material for pillows. And we went further - all our pillows have a double teak layer. This option is a hallmark of our brand furniture and an exclusive service that only we offer. And now you can be doubly sure of the comfort and impeccability of the sofas of Elizabeth de la Vega.
In search of the most optimal materials for making furniture for you, we have chosen the plywood to create the skeletons of our products. The correctness of our choice is obvious to us. We want this to be clear to you. Only your confidence that at each stage of creating furniture, we use only the highest quality materials, will allow you to enjoy the sofas of Elizabeth de la Vega and understand the pricing principles of our products. Plywood is an eco-friendly material. This factor is especially important now for residents of megacities. Not having the opportunity to choose furniture, being in public spaces, we make a conscious choice when it comes to our home. Plywood has high strength and durability. It has inherent moisture resistance and eliminates the slightest chance of deformation when changing weather conditions. We are firmly convinced of its quality and properties, and we want this confidence to be transferred to you, in the form of a lifetime guarantee for the skeletons of all our products.
All products of Elizabeth de la Vega bear the stamp of exclusivity. We value your individuality and do everything to make it reflected in the upholstered furniture that we make for you. A tribute to you and a certain quality mark from our side are the plates that are on each piece of furniture that leaves the walls of our factory. However, we decided to go even further and on the lining, which represents silk 200 density fabric, we also placed the brand name of our brand. The furniture that we create can be identified for every detail in which we have put our professionalism and understanding of your desires.
British design has always been an example for imitation and objects of admiration for all connoisseurs and lovers of both authentic classics and extreme modern style. British fashion designers have set the tone for a long time in the world orchestra of the latest trends. Romo is one of the leading textile brands with foggy Albion. Founded in 1980, it can not boast centuries-old traditions, but it amazes with the luxury of colors, the richness of shades, the irrepressible imagination of artists creating countless variations of the original patterns.
Twice a year the company updates its collections, which include the classic Roma line, the geometric Kirky Brend with delicious natural color combinations, the Villa Nova, dominated by natural motifs, Mark Alexander, inspired by 18th century Indian motifs and Zink textile, mesmerizing mystical ornaments. All of them are designed to emphasize your exclusivity and uniqueness of your choice.
Fasteners Essve
Scandinavian design is noteworthy primarily for witty design solutions, stability and durability of load-bearing structures. In search of the most effective fastening material, we found self-cutters from the Norwegian company ESSVE, known on the market since 1970. It offers not just the best fasteners in the world, it among other reasons, provides you with confidence in the reliability of Elizabeth de la Vega products, in the form of a lifetime warranty on the skeletons.
As for a person important posture, which forms an attractive visual image and is the key to his health, so for soft furniture it is extremely important to choose the right material for the manufacture of the frame. In his choice we were consistent until the end and having tested a sufficient number of types of wood, we offer you a non-alternative option - beech. Its durability, strength, moisture resistance, the ability to bend under the action of the steam, ease in processing, allow us to create strong load-bearing structures for your sofas. Our firm confidence in the quality and properties of this material is expressed in a lifetime warranty on the frameworks of all our products.
Threads Amann
Already for 160 years in the German city of Benningham, Amann produces threads. Such temporary and location stability is accompanied by the highest quality of threads, the choice in favor of which was made by professionals from 21 countries, among which we, having decided to create for you the most reliable sofas only with the help of the most innovative technologies and the best quality materials. Every day, the company produces one million kilometers of perfect threads, which can be covered 25 times the globe. This is the most solid thread of all known in the world market.
Elizabeth de la Vega is the only company in Ukraine that provides you with a unique skin coloring service in the RAL K5 catalog. The RAL color table was approved in 1927 by the German Institute of Quality and Certification. Now it is the oldest, most respected and most popular color scheme. Elizabeth de la Vega will fulfill your desire to color the skin or nubuck in any color according to your preferences, color accents in the interior or corporate colors. Choose one of over 210 color solutions of the classic catalog RAL K5, and the rest will be done by our professionals.
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