Our value
More than 15 years each of the specialists of our company was in search of the most optimal and unique solutions for the production of upholstered furniture. We use the best, sanded on both sides, waterproof plywood, whose technical properties and environmental friendliness are checked. In beds there are skeletons from certified beech of the Ukrainian company Veneto, which thanks to their innovative constructive solutions increase the orthopedic properties of mattresses.
Our workshops are equipped with German machines from Martin, which specializes only in carpentry equipment and has become a legend in the field of furniture production. Our seamstresses work on Durkopp Adler machines created in Germany and are the most accurate choice for upholstery upholstery production, the high quality of the line is also attributed to the German Amann threads, whose color and technical options are exceptional. In addition to equipment and materials created on the basis of the latest developments in European industry, our workers use manual labor, which, thanks to their intuition and professionalism developed over the years, allows creating unique soft furniture.
It is by hands, according to the technologies of the 18th century, that our professionals carry out a pike or a coach coupler on the headboards of the beds and sofas, which is the pinnacle of professional upholstery. Hands our specialist, relying only on inner flair and sense of proportion, stuffs cushions that will later become ergonomic support for your back.
As a result of many years of searching for exact solutions, we have an established and optimal production process, and you are a sense of harmony and comfort that you experience while relaxing on our sofas and beds.
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