Start of the company
In 2010, the company was founded as a family atelier. And it found
its reflection in the name itself, in which there is a name
Elizabeth - that's the name of the founder's daughter.
The principles of the atelier, inherent from the very beginning, still dominate - the lack of mass production, an individual approach to each order, the development of new exclusive models, cooperation with local designers, the study of the latest developments in the production of upholstered furniture, participation in international exhibitions, the use of manual labor .
A clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the brand in the development of good taste, the creation of favorable conditions for the development of the local furniture industry, the formation of a positive image of the country among European and American market participants led to the expansion of the geography of customers of furniture Elizabeth de la Vega, among which now residents of Germany, France, Italy and Canada.
Sofa Garuda
Legends of many peoples tell about the magic bird Garuda, able to carry people over long distances.

When we decided to create our first author's sofa, we chose this name. It is a symbol of the fact that myths can become reality. And also emphasize the perfection of Garuda sofa, the very appearance of which is associated with the years of experience we have accumulated, our desire to share with you our idea of ​​impeccable comfort and elegant design, and confidence in the reliability of the design of the sofa.
Laconic forms of Garuda will fit organically into interiors of different stylistic orientation and into spaces of different functional purpose. We created a universal form with impeccable content, the realization of which became possible thanks to the specialists of Elizabeth de la Vega.
Elizabeth De La Vega
After successful work on the local and international market
several rulers of the atelier were formed
Elizabeth de la Vega
Production of furniture own model range for Ukraine, Europe and America.
Research in the field of design, the creation of experimental models, a collaboration with interior designers and industrial designers.
Delavega Gallery
Exposition space of Ukrainian design
based on the collection of soft
brand furniture
A more accessible version of upholstered furniture
Elizabeth de la Vega.
Our days
Experience, proven materials and the best equipment on the market, as well as the professionalism of the staff, allow the company to give its customers a five-year guarantee for finished products. And unprecedented can be considered a service that is provided in Ukraine only by the brand Elizabeth de la Vega, it is the urgent production of furniture for a period of 2 days, while maintaining all the high quality parameters.
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