Delavega Individual


Your uniqueness is obvious to us. We have done everything to let you know that we respect your individuality by establishing a line for the creation of exclusive de la Vega Individuals furniture, becoming a participant of which you will feel our understanding of your peculiarity. We organized a special workshop in production, where the best team professionals will work under the supervision of the project manager. A 3D visualizer that creates a virtual dream sofa that then takes on real shapes and shapes with the help of the rest of the de la Vega Individuals program.

The joiner, who has honed his ability to interact with wood for many years of his work, and now only with the help of manual labor and the best compact electrical equipment of the German firm Festool, which creates reliable and thought-out frameworks for sofas.

The curves of your sofa, created by him, will remain in the museum de la Vega Individuals and will be available only for you. Seamstress, for which Durkopp Adler machines were delivered from Germany, so that the lines on your sofa differed with maximum reliability and beauty.

The Upholsterer, whose hands will turn a clever design into a cozy and relaxed sofa.

The key to the quality of the sofa will be successful years of work of our specialists, perfect equipment, elite materials and personal guarantee of the owner of our company, issued for 10 years. A guarantee of your comfort and a sense of your own uniqueness will be participation in the de la Vega Individuals program.

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