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For today’s people, good rest is vital to stay healthy mentally and physically. Rest is synonymous with a healthy sleep, so the first thing we think of is a comfortable sleeping place. Buying a non-storage bed will be a good choice for a spacious bedroom that will be a perfect addition to the décor.

Non-storage beds come in single, small double and double sizes. Non-storage double beds can fit more than one person, for example, a couple or parents with a small child. A large sleeping place ensures a comfortable horizontal position for your body, thus encouraging recovery and refreshment.

A large storage compartment can be easily arranged underneath the double bed mattress, but this feature is not very popular and brings much complexity to the structure. Which is why you can buy a non-storage double bed that has important benefits over other designs.

Pros and cons of a non-storage bed

A non-storage double bed cannot lift its frame and the mattress and it has no storage compartment. Thanks to this, the bed build is simpler and sturdier, looking less heavy and more elegant. This design solution makes upholstered furniture less costly since it does not include the cost of the lift mechanism.

Things stored in underbed drawers for a long time can absorb moisture and dust from indoor air. To avoid this, you have to use dust covers, and their frequent use might be inconvenient. Non-storage beds will be a good choice for rooms that have enough space to store bedding.

Otherwise, non-storage double bed is the same as analogous storage models and has the following parameters:

  • the length and width of the sleeping space;
  • frame design;
  • type of the base;
  • types of mattresses.

A double non-storage bed is a base with legs. Headboard and footboard are attached to the bed frame that carries the majority of the load. The bed frame is made of sturdy materials such as timber, solid wood or metal sections. They withstand heavy loads and are damp-proof, unlike chipboard which is cheaper but not very sturdy. We do not recommend choosing and we do not make beds with the chipboard bed frame since they have a short life. As for the bed base, the most commonly used one is slatted base. These sprung elements distribute the load uniformly.

When choosing a bed without a storage drawer directly from the manufacturer, consider the dimensions of the room and the body types of persons who will be sleeping on it. The sleeping surface of beds should be at least 10 cm longer than the height of the bed user. 200 cm long beds would usually fit the majority of people. Double beds have standard width, which is as follows:

  • 140 cm for a small bedroom (or if you and your partner have a lean physique);
  • 160 cm for couples with regular body types, the most popular choice;
  • 180 cm for more comfortable rest;
  • 200 cm is a great choice to fit parents with a child, or it will be good for those seeking large sleeping area.

To be able to move around the room comfortably, the size of the bed without a drawer should allow at least 30 cm between the side of the bed and the wall. A matching bedside table or a cosy pouf will complement to the comfort of the bedroom.

The headboard of a double non-storage bed can be high or low, made of the same material as the frame, or upholstered with fabric or genuine leather, have standard and custom shape. Custom-made non-storage soft beds come in a variety of designs which definitely have the one you are looking for.

If you opt for a bed with a mattress and without a drawer, choose a mattress as firm as you wish your sleeping place to be. The length and width of the mattress should match the size of your bed, and a removable mattress cover will keep your upholstered furniture always clean. Choose orthopaedic memory foam MAGNIFLEX mattresses to prevent scoliosis.

Non-storage beds: an elegant solution for any bedroom

Delavega offers a large range of non-storage double beds that will perfectly match any bedroom décor. Our upholstered furniture online store manufactures these beds based on own developments and design solutions.

Our experts have succeeded in creating popular pieces whose quality and design can easily compete with Europe’s biggest furniture producers. You can also order and buy custom-made, which will be a great addition to your bedroom.

A warranted non-storage bed

Through many years of effort, DELAVEGA upholstered furniture design and manufacturing company has proven its reputation and prides itself on its image and its customers’ trust. All our customers get a 24-month warranty on our in-house bed frames, since we are absolutely confident in the quality of Delavega upholstered furniture.

High-quality beech timber, waterproof plywood, luxurious fabrics and premium furniture fittings ensure reliability of our beds. These qualities and positive feedback bring customers from Kyiv and all over Ukraine to our online store of upholstered furniture.

Buy your non-storage bed by Delavega furniture design and manufacturing company online and find out its many benefits:

  • A wide range of designer non-storage beds definitely has the one you are looking for that gives you a feeling of home.
  • Non-storage double beds are available to order with custom dimensions. If our catalogue does not have a model you need, our designers will design a special bed to fully meet all your wishes.
  • With the wide variety of upholstery fabrics produced by renowned European manufacturers, we are happy to offer you not just a non-storage double bed with a mattress. You will be able to create a perfect, meticulously crafted sleeping place.
  • Our service is outstanding: Express manufacture upholstered furniture including non-storage double beds that takes at least 3 working days, free restuffing, free delivery and assembly in Kyiv, competitive discounts based on the time of manufacture.

Delavega will help you pick a good-quality non-storage double bed at reasonable price. Buy a long lasting non-storage bed for an unparalleled sleeping comfort with a delivery option in our online store